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Rocky Mountain Offender Management Systems (RMOMS) is a leading provider of non-residential correctional alternatives to Municipal, County, and State Governments throughout the United States.

Since 2001, RMOMS has developed multiple systems of offender management that range from sobriety monitoring and one-on-one case management supervision, to the latest in electronic offender tracking and monitoring.  Our services are currently being used by State governments as a form of prison population management, as intensive supervision of high-risk parolees, and as a system of resource management for swelling probation populations needing direct supervision.

RMOMS also works with County and Municipal government agencies to provide local jail population mitigation programs using our electronic monitoring technology, as well as case management supervision and day reporting programs.  These programs are provided as sentencing alternatives, as population management programs, or as pre-trial supervision programs. 

Our experience ranges from supervision of drinking, driving and domestic-violence offenders, to providing full-service solutions to Drug and DUI Courts, and to the tracking of the highest-risk sexually violent predators released into our communities under Probation or Parole conditions.

Regardless of the size of your program, RMOMS has the ability to customize a non-residential solution for your agency that can be funded by the offender, by the agency, or through a combination of the two.

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RMOMS' goal is to create and operate customized offender management programs at zero financial and staff cost to governmental entities.
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Prime for Life® is an evidence based, risk reduction drug and alcohol education program — it is not substance abuse treatment. Prime for Life® simply presents straight-forward, research based information in a relaxed environment

RMOMS' sixteen hour course will satisfy all court requirements for drug and alcohol education.

Because we know your time is valuable, we offer the class series as fast as legally possible (4 class periods totaling 16 hours), with flexible schedules at convenient locations.

Please contact Julio Castro at (801)300-3876 or 1-855-26-RMOMS


At Rocky Mountain Offender Management Systems, our mission is to operate a successful business by providing a valuable service to our customers and our communities while striving to see every case to successful completion. We will create value by focusing on community safety; guiding offenders in overcoming their obstacles to success while holding them and ourselves accountable; by listening to and valuing stakeholders input and by conducting business with integrity. We believe that when we work together as a team, we will impact successful outcomes.

RMOMS is Introducing SL2… the next generation of handheld remote breath alcohol technology from SOBERLINK.

This advanced, highly accurate, wireless personal-breathalyzer sends instant notification of results, Each time the offender blows into cell-phone-size device, (four times a day,) a photo of the offender is taken, and...along with his GPS included in the data..

From the innovators of the first wireless handheld device, SL2 sets a new standard in remote alcohol monitoring. SL2 is a one-piece device that transmits breath test results and client violations in real-time, making it more efficient than other monitoring devices in the market.

If you have questions or would like a demo, call Kristi Melling at 303-941-8671 or