8th Judicial District

Loveland RMOMS Office- 531 E. Eisenhower, Loveland, CO 80537
Phone: 970-203 0218 - Fax: 970 667 7006

Loveland RMOMS Office-437 E. Eisenhower, Loveland, Co 80537
Phone: 970 622-0878  Fax:970 622-0925

Ft. Collins RMOMS Offfice # 1, 123 North College Avenue #204, Ft. Collins, CO
Phone: 970-498-0666 - Fax: 970 498 0870

Ft. Collins RMOMS Offfice # 2, 3000 S. College #104, Fort Collins, Co 80525
Phone: 970-206-9342 - Fax: 970-206-9346

Chad Thompson –
District Manager and
Operations Manager

Johanna Armstrong
Luella Chavez
Joey Conlon
Kim Cousineau
Rebecca Georgerian
Stephanie Farrell
Kelli Fichter
Kim Herman
Dale Lyons
Shawn Miller
Scott Markle
Emily Norris
Angela Risilia
Ryan Rosenbusch
Melissa Ryan
Laura Scruggs
Lany Shisler
Andrew Stoltz
Sylvia Urdiales
Rachel Weiss


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