Prison/Jail Population Management Programs (Electronic Monitoring/House Arrest/GPS Tracking)

  • RMOMS has extensive experience in developing and implementing Prison/Jail Population Management programs using traditional House Arrest technologies as well as Global Positioning Systems (GPS) tracking technologies. RMOMS is utilizing House Arrest and GPS Tracking technology developed and manufactured by BI Incorporated of Boulder Colorado. BI is the undisputed leader in the field of offender electronic monitoring and tracking systems, and has been since developing the first commercially available house arrest devices in the 1980’s. House Arrest devices can been configured in both land-line and wireless cellular capabilities. GPS Tracking systems can be configured in Passive (delayed notification) and Active (rapid notification.)

Remote Alcohol Monitoring Technologies

  • RMOMS has created the most comprehensive alcohol monitoring programs available in the Country. RMOMS has access to many different products designed to monitoring and report alcohol use by persons under abstinence orders. Our alcohol monitoring systems are designed to allow criminal justice personnel to Match the cost of REMOTE alcohol monitoring with the RISK level of the individual offender.
  • RMOMS has access to body worn, TRANSDERMAL alcohol monitoring through the use of the SCRAMx device developed and manufactured by AMS in Highlands Ranch Colorado.
  • RMOMS can also provide hand held, remote alcohol monitoring technology through our use of the SOBERLINK personal alcohol monitoring, also distributed by BI Incorporated.
  • RMOMS will also provide the most discreet, hand held alcohol monitoring device designed for criminal justice applications. The RightBAC device is a small (the approximate size of a lighter) inexpensive personal, remote alcohol monitoring device that has the capability to be a daily monitoring device OR as a random testing device, driving the cost for this device down considerably.

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