Program Services

  • Misdemeanant Probation Supervision,
  • Alternative Sanction Programs Utilizing Electronic House Arrest
  • Active and Passive GPS Tracking for Higher Risk Offenders
  • Remote Electronic Alcohol Monitoring Technologies
  • Transdermal, Continuous Alcohol Monitoring Technology
  • Specialized Caseload Supervision Programs for Domestic Violence Perpetrators
  • Specialized caseload supervision for Alcohol and Drugged driving populations
  • Random Urine Screen Programs
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Programs Designed to Affect Offender Thinking as it Relates to Criminal Behavior
  • Supervision and Monitoring of Community Services Programs Through Linkages with Local Non-profit and Religious Organizations
  • Court Ordered Fee and Fine Collection Programs
  • Treatment Programs

These services can be provided as stand-alone programs within your agency or department, OR they can be combined to create a comprehensive offender management program for Pre-Trial Services, Probation and Parole Departments, Sheriff’s Departments, and Jails. Please our programmatic descriptions below.

Misdemeanant Probation Supervision

RMOMS currently provides Misdemeanant Probation Supervision services in 3 states encompassing a caseload in excess of 13,000 probationers. RMOMS provides highly trained Case Management staff to provide Face to Face case management services per the specifications of the orders of the Court. RMOMS’ experienced probation management team will ensure that our staff is fully trained on the supervision standards within a criminal justice eco-system and the policies and procedures that have been developed.
Our supervision philosophy will incorporate all Evidence Based Practices designed to elicit the most consistent and successful outcomes for each offender, while ensuring Community Safety is enhanced. RMOMS Misdemeanant Probation Supervision is generally OFFENDER FUNDED, meaning offender’s pay for their individual services, not the City, County, or State. * Prison/Jail Population Management Programs (Electronic Monitoring/House Arrest/GPS Tracking) RMOMS has extensive experience in developing and implementing Prison/Jail Population Management programs using traditional House Arrest technologies as well as Global Positioning Systems (GPS) tracking technologies.

Remote Alcohol Monitoring Technologies

  • RMOMS has created the most comprehensive alcohol monitoring programs available in the Country. RMOMS has access to many different products designed to monitoring and report alcohol use by persons under abstinence orders. Our alcohol monitoring systems are designed to allow criminal justice personnel to Match the cost of REMOTE alcohol monitoring with the RISK level of the individual offender.
  • RMOMS has access to body worn, TRANSDERMAL alcohol monitoring through the use of the SCRAMx device developed and manufactured by AMS in Highlands Ranch Colorado.
  • RMOMS can also provide hand held, remote alcohol monitoring technology through our use of the SOBERLINK personal alcohol monitoring, also distributed by BI Incorporated.
  • RMOMS will also provide the most discreet, hand held alcohol monitoring device designed for criminal justice applications. The RightBAC device is a small (the approximate size of a lighter) inexpensive personal, remote alcohol monitoring device that has the capability to be a daily monitoring device OR as a random testing device, driving the cost for this device down considerably.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Programs

  • RMOMS has staff that are trained to provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy programs, designed to teach offenders to think differently about their decision making that leads to involvement in the Criminal Justice system. These programs can be customized to offense specific populations, or be generalized into a more macro perspective.

These programs are considered Best Practices and have been proven to reduce recidivism in offender populations.

Prison/Jail Population Management Programs (Electronic Monitoring/House Arrest/GPS Tracking)

RMOMS has extensive experience in developing and implementing Prison/Jail Population Management programs using traditional House Arrest technologies as well as Global Positioning Systems (GPS) tracking technologies. RMOMS is utilizing House Arrest and GPS Tracking technology developed and manufactured by BI Incorporated of Boulder Colorado. BI is the undisputed leader in the field of offender electronic monitoring and tracking systems, and has been since developing the first commercially available house arrest devices in the 1980’s. House Arrest devices can been configured in both land-line and wireless cellular capabilities. GPS Tracking systems can be configured in Passive (delayed notification) and Active (rapid notification.)

Specialized Caseload Supervision Programs

RMOMS has particular expertise in developing and implementing probation supervision strategies for OFFENSE SPECIFIC populations such as Impaired Drivers, Domestic Violence Perpetrators, Drug Offender’s, Female Offender’s, Veteran’s, as well as many other Specialty populations.
RMOMS will only implement supervision strategies that conform to Evidence Based Practices that have been accepted as the most likely to generate successful outcomes.

Specialty Court Services and Support

RMOMS has extensive experience providing supervision to offenders engaged in many types of Specialty Courts Nationwide. These include Drug Courts, DUI/DWI Courts, and Veterans Courts, to name a few. We also have expertise to
provide the services necessary to effectively operate a Specialty Court. These services include Electronic Monitoring, Remote Alcohol Monitoring, Sobriety Monitoring through Random Urine Screening, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Programs.

Sobriety Monitoring Programs

RMOMS has expertise in the field of sobriety monitoring programs development and implementation. Through the use of our innovative suite of remote alcohol monitoring technology combined with a state of the art urine screening program, offenders with substance abuse concerns can be safely and efficiently monitoring for the presence of alcohol or illicit substances in their system RMOMS has relationships with both Norchem Labs and Redwood Labs to provide laboratory testing for urine samples drawn at RMOMS certified collection facilities throughout the Country. RMOMS also can provide “on-site” urine screening to determine the possible presence of illicit substances without the expense of a lab test.